Media, Culture & Entertainment

Our firm specialises in helping creative people, businesses and foundations with their tax matters, especially in the cultural sector. In these areas, Barner & Mastella advises well-known individuals and businesses who work creatively in a wide range of professions, including actors, directors, directors of photography, authors, painters, designers, journalists, concert promoters, booking agencies, management companies, film production companies, as well as musicians, music groups and orchestras in all areas of pop and classical music.

Barner & Mastella supports German music groups, symphony orchestras and DJs on their national and international tours, and oversees the payments of salaries as well as tax deductions and credits in close coordination with the artists, managers and agents. Barner & Mastella has cooperation partners in all important territories. Our firm helps non-profit organisations and non-profit and private foundations in the fulfilment of their official purposes. Barner & Mastella supports the planning and execution of cultural events such as live tours by national and international stars, music and film festivals, and the opening ceremonies of sporting events.

Tax law for pro athletes.

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